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Wally Bock

Sometimes sharing can be a strategic move. Malcolm McLean had several patents related to containerized shipping. He chose not to enforce them and signed them over to an international body. The idea was that the more people that went to containerized shipping, the better it would be for both the world and for SeaLand.

Sometimes that sharing comes after pressure. Jeff Bezos had Amazon create the first one-click ordering. At first he was going to keep it for Amazon, but an outcry led to Amazon not enforcing the patents.

Steve Roesler


Figured I could count on you to insert examples and a viewpoint that adds another dimensions.

The containerization issue was what Paul Krugman, at the WBC09, pointed to as the single biggest factor leading to globalization of the economy--not high-tech tools.


Too important sounds like absolute. I think it depends on the situation. If what you want to share with others will not harm you in any way, I guess it fine to do it.

Anyway, I don't to share my cellphone. It's got lot of embarasing information. :-)

Lluc Potrony

There is the case of video formats: Beta vs VHS. Both of them were created by Sony. Sony kept the production of Beta format technology for itself because it had better image definiton than VHS. Then Sony sold VHS technology to JVC, because VHS was the evident loser technology. JVC turned the situation by allowing any company to produce VHS --for a fee. VHS eventually occupied the whole market.

Steve Roesler


We're now intent on finding a way to hack that cell phone. . .

Steve Roesler


Good reminder...had already forgotten about that one.

Lisa Gates

Hey Steve, long time...

What's too important not to share? Poetry. Art. Words. Blog posts.

Steve Roesler

Lisa, indeed. Good to see you!

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