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Jackie Cameron

I heard a story yesterday about a young man coming up to his first wedding anniversary. He had been urged by his Mum to thank his lovely wife by remembering to buy her some flowers ( money is tight) and he had promised to do so but when it came to it he didn't. But he told her that he had been going to...and that was alright then.

As i write this I have 3 thank you cards on the mantlepiece - and one is from a guy. He took the time to write it and I know I should not really say this but I was more impressed with that than I should be. For the reasons mentioned in your excellent post Steve - that is what we come to expect.

Tom Glover

At regular intervals throughout the year, our remote employees have a conference call with the president. During the call he talks about where we are as an organization. Every time we have such calls or in-person events, he ends each session with "Thanks for all you do." When you hear it over and over in the same manner, it starts to lose it's impact. But not the intent.

A couple of years ago, a new position was created for me to fill. A couple of weeks later I had occasion to run into the president and I thanked him for allowing me to move to this new position. Without hesitation, he responded "no, thank you" with a quizzical look on his face because it was clear to him that I deserved his gratitude for taking the position.

From that point on I have always known that no matter how many times he thanks us for all we do, he sincerely means it.

Jackie Cameron

I am so touched by Tom's comment....what a wonderful story

Steve Roesler

Jackie & Tom,

Your stories are both real-life, heart-level examples of how deeply gratitude impacts relationships.

Now I have to write a few thank you notes by hand. . .

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