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Janna Rust

This is a good list of what employees want. The challenge is figuring out the unique "want" in each of these categories for each employee.

I think one of the quickest ways for an employer to learn about their employees is through assessments on behavior, motivators and soft skills(strengths). They can also be used to benchmark a particular job to determine which attributes work well for that job.

Of course these should be complimented by the "old-fashioned" relationship building strategy of conversation! :) However, in the absence of conversation, the knowledge provided from assessments is in invaluable for team building and employee retention.


I read your blog One More Time: What Do People Want At Work?I am impreased from your thinking and i understand this all point very well.I follw this point in my life.

Rachel Simpson

Yes it is a great thought on what should be at work,If people follow your points then they will definitely be successful in their career and job. I am gonna follow it.

Dee Gardner

Listening is the key to this whole process. Well written article. Thank you for sharing. I especially like the quote from President Truman.


:)). Yes, this is true. As i employee, i want(of course) what's best for me. And that can mean a lot of things, because it is different from one individual to another, but i also believe that these "demands" should be accepted, only if we do our job best/better.

Nursing resume

Great work done there. Thanks for sharing your story.

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