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360 Degree Feedback

Hi Steve,

Some food for thought there.

Your readers may be interested in finding out more about about 360 Degree Feedback. I would recommend visiting our website at Track Surveys and downloading some of the documents. We have a range of free guides about both providing and setting up 360 degree feedback within organisations as well as some fascinating podcasts about recent case studies.



Great post, you're bang on. This is a great break down of the value of feedback. Feedback engages, motivates, and is crucial for improvement and development. You're absolutely right about ongoing conversations. There is nothing more valuable in terms of alignment and even job satisfaction, as regular one on one conversations between manager and employee. I'd love to follow up with you via email and get your thoughts/feedback on what we're up to. Interesting, I didn't realize that the term feedback came about that way. cool.

Derek Irvine, Globoforce

Terrific post and agreed with Nathaniel's comment above as well. The research very clearly supports this as well -- employees desperately want to know how they are doing. The LEAST engaged employees are those who receive no feedback, positive are negative. The most engaged, of course, are those whose bosses manage through employee strengths. The Gallup research on this is available through this post: http://globoforce.blogspot.com/2009/11/strengths-weaknesses-ignored-how-are.html

Steve Roesler

Hello, Nathaniel,

Pleased that this struck a chord with you. I'm traveling and speaking through 29 Jan but would be pleased to email with you. Click the link under my photo in the upper right and I'll receive it.

Steve Roesler

Derek, I'm sure folks will find the resource useful.

360 degree feedback

The 360 degree Feedback engages, motivates, and is crucial for improvement and development.It is a powerful source which is as part of a development method for workers and also takes a relationship built on trust to have meaningful conversations about performance 360 degree feedback.

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