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Jamie Flinchbaugh

I think that's a fair and interesting response. I think this requires that you give up your own agenda. When I observe meeting behavior, many people are paying attention to the agenda of the meeting and the topic at hand, but also background processing their own personal agenda. That doesn't make them evil, just interested.

If you are trying to simultaneously contribute and facilitate, you must turn off that processing. Your agenda must be laid out already. You must instead focus on all the subtle aspects of how the team is behavior and if they are individually and collectively moving forward.

Thanks for sharing. Great answer to the question.

Steve Roesler


You prompted another thought, which is what makes this medium helpful. The insights about "give up your personal agenda" and "your agenda must be laid out already" are related and both come into play.

For meetings to bring out the best, everyone needs to know the purpose and agenda well in advance. And, get the chance to add their input to the mix. When I see a really effective meeting, 80% of the success took place in advance through preparation and involvement of the participants. This doesn't mean that "deals were struck" or the meeting was just a formality. It means that people were clear, well-prepared, and already aware of each others' positions to a great degree. As a result, they were able to listen and watch without worrying about what they needed to say or do.

Thanks for moving the conversation along. . .

Jamie Flinchbaugh

I agree that's a big help.

In my coaching, I used to get stuck with meeting after meeting that my client set up with people. The person was the agenda item. That's not very useful. I'm much more strict about having more laid out.

On boards that I sit on, I insist on a draft agenda 2 weeks in advance of the meeting. Only then can get go through a couple iterations. Through this process, we all know why where there and what's expected.

Steve Roesler

I hear you. In fact, I just realized that I've lapsed into stickiness with one coaching gig as a result of slacking off and breaking my own rule. I hate when that happens.

You've just coached me back into action. The check's in the mail, Jamie.

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