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Gordon R. Clogston

Steve, your message is right on target. Less experienced leaders and managers look to those of us who are more experienced to provide guidance and to model leadership qualities that foster trust, loyalty, and a willingness to contribute to the dream.

Unfortunately, there are people in positions of responsibility who have not yet learned the value of leading versus dictating. Because they do exist, the lesser experienced need to understand that emulation can lead to a disappointing career.

Patti Denucci

Love this. Influence is everywhere, from the people we follow in social media to the messages we glean from the media to the books we choose to read and the people with whom we choose to associate. Choose carefully is THE message.

Steve-Personal Success Factors

It's true that the company we keep rubs off on us. It takes a secure ego to choose leaders to follow who are both more successful and, at the same time, have the ethics that have been tested over time through their behavior and attitudes.

Steve Roesler

Hello, Gordon,

Glad this struck a note with you. It indeed leads to the importance of using discernment before emulating the wrong behavior.

Steve Roesler


Your mention of social media really has me thinking about the breadth and depth of its influence. For those who use social media as a primary source of interaction, those media have become major influencers on values, beliefs, and actions.

Which means that there is a significant number of people choosing to follow the lead of people they have never "looked in the eye."


Steve Roesler


You bring up one of the great truthful paradoxes of life: It takes someone who is secure and discerning to allow one's self to serve and follow another.

Which would indicate that building character and discernment is much more foundational than any set of skills that could be mis-applied with the lack of a firm foundation.

Thanks for adding that to the mix.

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