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peter vajda

"What can you start doing now to raise your standards and impact your ability to lead?"

Take time for considered reflection and introspection on your self-worth...obsessing with "fitting in" forces one to focus on their "packaging" and diminishes their inner value and worth...

Travis Branzell

I strongly believe that leaders are made, not born. Even more importantly, leaders are more self made, rather than by external means. Someone that is on the path to becoming a leader has personal standards and expectations that do exceed others. I also feel that in order to be a successful leader, one must be driven and at the same time selfless. These days there seems to be a multitude of individuals in our workplaces that are driven, driven to compete and to perform well, but very few are driven to be leaders. What’s even more, is that there are far too few people that are driven to be great leaders. Anyone that holds high personal expectations that exceed others can climb into the driver seat and command a ship, but those that climb into the driver seat that not only hold high self expectations, but are consistent with their actions, lead by example, provide inspiration, emotional self control, open to new ideas, provide praise and positive feedback, rather than negative feedback, and show an interest in the people that work for them rather than focus on themselves or their own interests will have the ability to earn the respect as great leader.

People are influenced by those that are ahead of them and may strive to become a leader. But I think that it is even more important to strive to become more. Don’t settle on being just a leader, strive to become a great leader, and to become a great leader it takes more than just raising your personal bar.

Steve Roesler


In this age of "You, Inc.", I'm struck by your allusion to the inverse relationship between "packaging" and self-worth.

That should cause some introspection.

Jason Wilton

Love the idea of challenging yourself first. I do think that matters--and in ways deeper than just "walking the walk".

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