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Jamie Flinchbaugh

Good post, and it points to the idea that trust is more than just intention but requires you to have a good process behind it.

I think #4 must go beyond notification. I believe it is renegotiation. You need to understand what the consequences of are the delay. This may require you to renegotiate. That is fine, it happens to everyone. If it never happened to you, then you probably never made a commitment.

The line of inquiry is "what damage does that cause you?" If it's "none" then it is an easy renegotiation. If there is damage, then it depends on what you are able to, and willing to, do in order to rectify it.

Jamie F

Account Deleted

Great Post! Thanks for sharing ideas..

Steve Roesler


You know, there is a downside to having done something for a long time. That is, one makes assumptions that certain things are "obvious" when they aren't.

I'm talking about your observation of #4. In my mind, it "goes without saying" that there would be re-negotiation. Which proves your point that nothing 'goes without saying' and that #4 appears to be a totally one-way suggestion.

So, I'm modifying it to include your observation and contribution. Keep writing. . .


If only more people followed this advice, it seems so obvious yet it rarely happens in my experience.


This post is very helpful. I know that these tips will surely work. I'll try these suggestions and hope to see a positive outcome. Thanks for sharing this Steve!

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