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Paul Williams

Boy -- I can't help myself but to comment.

I agree that we "need" fewer college grads than we actually produce. But come on, who wants their kids living a subsistence life on a Men's Warehouse "consultant" wage?

I do wish I had gone to vocational school and become an electrician instead of a software engineer... I probably would own my own business by now... But any of the "desirable" jobs really do require some kind of post-secondary education. My cousin recently (well, about 8 months ago) decided he didn't want to go to college, and has been looking unsuccessfully for a job ever since.

aside: need a high school graduate who is good with people & kids (5 years as counselor at a local Jewish summer camp) in the Madison, WI area? Let me know -- he's a good kid.

Mile High Pixie

You make a good point here, Steve. First off, my sister the college professor is finding that probably 10%-30% of the kids in her classes don't really belong in college--they either need to grow up some more and come back later or go to vo-tech school where they could really thrive.

I also think that on-the-job training is just as meaningful in college professions as it is in other trades. The college degree is becoming the "cover charge" that gets you in the door of the workplace, but the experience (and how well you learn from the experience)is what makes the difference. Doctors, lawyers, architects...we all require that our newbies spend some time on the job before we sit for the exam.

Janna Rust

Steve,you bring up some interesting points here, reminding me of when college education requirements for a CPA were increased to require a Masters in Accounting. (Luckily, I was already out!). Personally, the profession would have been better off to increase their experience requirement from 2 to 3 years instead.

Education is great and necessary but I think there reaches a point of diminishing return. On the job training helps people apply what they've learned. The real world requires more thinking than solving problems in a textbook. You've proved a point with the rankings you mentioned.

Mike Cook

Steve, Information of this nature is not so much a surprise as the fact that as a nation we continue to look at what "jobs" will be available for our children rather than coach our children to learn about themselves first before we ask them to face the world.How do I feel about the information, actually pretty good. What I can see is that while my kids are preparing themselves for what it is that they really want to be doing with the time of their life they will be able to find part time employment!

How about this for a thought, universities go to value based tuition arrangements, degrees priced on the market value of the knowledge base acquired?

Kathy Mitchell

I think it is important to keep in mind that a college education is more than job training. It is about educating our citizens. We live in a Republic, where citizens have a responsibility to make decisions about our governance. Understanding history, philosophy and the sciences help us to make informed choices and not be at the effect of media hype.

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