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Travis Branzell

This is a very interesting because it often occurs within our workplaces. There are those optimistic managers that only see the good in their subordinates, but neglect to observe the disruption they do or may bring to the flow of the team. On the flip-side there are the pessimistic managers that easily identify and harp on the negative traits that a subordinate displays, which neglect to identify positive traits that act catalyst and increase the flow of work. I think there is a remedy to this problem......

I do believe that performance feedback, not performance reviews or a PA system, will mold future performance based upon the implicit and explicit expectations that managers convey. I believe that performance reviews can be subjective at times and may not convey the message that you want to get across to those that are being evaluated. At times performance reviews can point out nearly all of the positive traits of an individual but not bring any of their negative traits to the surface. Drop the PA system to provide your employees with your insight on their performance. As a manager you want to point out your subordinates positive traits, but you also want to point out their negative traits or "things they may want to work on" without leaving them believing that they are worthless. Not only do you want to point these negative traits out, but you also want to give them direction to how they can improve and meet your expectations. As soon as you see a positive change in their behavior it is important to immediately commend them for their efforts. More importantly, as a manager, you should often, not once in a while, take the opportunity to point out to your subordinates when they are meeting or not meeting your expectations. Use direct feedback to mold your employees and to increase productivity, not a PA system.

renaissance costume

yes.. sometimes it's just wrong to judge person through 1st impression. well that is just for me. based on my experience, i encounter many people who at first i don't like, but it turns out that they are very good people.

Account Deleted

"Very interesting and so commonplace at workplaces ! One needs to learn about working as a team from the Olympic gold medalist rower- Sir Mathew Pinsent.
At the IMP OWP 2010 Pinsent will share his experience from four Olympic campaigns, which resulted in four gold medals. He will highlight the importance of goal setting, communication, trust and ultimately the courage it takes to win in the toughest of conditions.

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