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Sales Recruiter

I agree--online is where you want to be if you're a jobseeker, although be wary of online applications that can turn into a time-wasting black hole for your resume. I think the most effective place for you to be online is on LinkedIn, which is invaluable for networking, company research, and it's the place to be seen by recruiters. But many people don't know how to navigate it well. There's a couple of handy tools for LinkedIn available on www.career-confidential.com-- a LinkedIn Profile Tutorial (http://linkedin-for-jobseekers.com/linkedin-profile-tutorial.htm), and a more advanced LinkedIn Ninja Tricks for contacting hiring managers directly (http://linkedin-for-jobseekers.com/linkedin-ninja-tricks.htm). They really work.
Best of Luck,
Peggy McKee

Angela Lazaridis

Another great online resource for college graduates is 1stGig.com. 1stGig.com is a revolutionary matching system specifically designed for college graduates and early career professionals. It uses a precision matching system to link interests, qualifications and career requirements with those of employers. It helps individuals find a career not just a job.

Mile High Pixie

Steve, this post is just in time. Many architecture students are tuning up their resumes to enter a pretty cruddy marketplace, and every little bit of help is valuable.

I'm curious, what do you and your readers think of sites/companies that will review and tune up your resume for a fee? Worth it, not worth it, 50/50? I ask because a lot of these young folks ask me to look at their resumes, and I can't look at them all.

Casey Accord

This is an awesome resource, Steve. In this market, we all need as much help as possible. I just wanted to add another great resource too for those building their resume. I write for www.resify.com. It's got so much great information about resumes, including free templates. So I really encourage everyone to check it out.

Plus, we've just developed a keyword database for helping people find the best keywords to make their resume rise to the top of the pile.

Oh, and Mike, be really careful about getting involved with people who charge for resume "review". It can be incredibly expensive. If you put in the time to research what it takes to create a strong resume, you can probably do it yourself really well. It does take a little work, but personally, I don't think it's worth the money to hire someone when there are so many great free resources out there.

Jim Hicks

There is a whole lot of cool information here. I like the way you seem to have taking sometime to think about this. Really kind of you to share.


These are some great tips. Thanks Steve

uk jobs

Nice tips for getting a job in social media. I think one thing that a lot of people do is try and be involved in as many different social networking sites as possible rather than focusing their time and attention on really getting involved in just a couple of them. Having that kind of focus will be better for them in the long run.

Scottie Smith

I hate to say that I regret that I did not found this post the time I was looking for a job..It took me 1 year to find a decent job and I encountered so many problems applying online with some online agencies that asking for money just for me to be interviewed. I am so glad that there is this informative kind of article that will help a lot of people. Thanks I appreciate reading your post.


This is a great checklist for anyone who tries to find a job, using the internet.. social media has becoming a powerful tool in discovering things in the internet...especially LINKEDIN is a social network for professionals.. it's a great place to start looking for contacts...

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