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Paul Williams


I don't know about your study, or what individual collaboration means to others, but I have learned a simple rule for business successes.

If you help others be successful, you will be more successful.

If an organization can help a client be successful, it will lead to more successes in the organization. This makes good sense, and doesn't require a lot of argument. What is the point of anything -- product or service -- that doesn't add value?

If I am a manager, and I can facilitate greater success with my subordinates, I will be more successful. With successful contributors, my group will overall be more successful, and raise my standing. If my group helps to build successes for other managers, then I will be seen as more successful.

If I am a customer service agent, if my customers are successful, they will be happier and it will reflect well on me.

If I am a freelancer, if I can help my clients be successful then I will get more business.

If I am a friend, if I help my friends succeed in moving apartments, I will get invited to more parties.

Is that collaborative? It seems so -- to work with others to build success -- but collaboration is only part of it. The other part is dedication to the task and perseverance to see the task completed.

Mary Jo Asmus

Steve, you have put it so well. I've read a few articles and books on what causes a leader to fail. They are interesting, and I believe, wrong. Most claim the highest percentage or leaders in the study weren't strategic, or didn't make the numbers, etc. etc. Yet I know lots of leaders who are willing and able to collaborate well who aren't strategic and who didn't make the numbers that still have jobs (i.e. get fired).

I rather suspect that most leaders fail because they can't play well with others.

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