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Drew Carls

Good post, Steve.

I still see many managers call the "I'm hands-off" card and it just doesn't work. Teams want engagement, they want managers to help them develop professionally and they want managers present/there for support. Be in trenches together.


Great points, Steve!
Among my historical client experiences was a senior executive whose outcomes
were absolutely superb, but whose methods of achievement included intimidation, hostility, and the caustic belittling of others. The CEO wanted desperately to retain the work product produced by this individual and tried to cajole others into tolerating the behavior. As a result, other highly valued employees left, morale remained low, and the CEO lost the regard of employees for not having dealt with the situation.
- Francie Dalton

Wally Bock

Congratulations! This post was selected as one of the five best independent business blog posts of the week in my Three Star Leadership Midweek Review of the Business Blogs.


Wally Bock

Steve Roesler


That sounds like the voice of experience.

What I wonder is: With all of the research data, 360 feedback, and such, why aren't we seeing a lot more interaction?

Maybe the "why not?" would make a good research paper topic.

Thanks for weighing in.

Steve Roesler


We have a shared experience with that situation. Some time back I wrote about it here, and we would apparently only have to change the names.

It sounds as if our CEOs paid a lot more attention to the "what" and figured the "how" didn't much matter if others would "just tolerate it."

Alas, it is easy to forget that lots of people can actually do a "what": it's the "how" that makes them unique and a good fit for an organization.


I am a manager at a large health insurance company and these are really great tips to be an effective manager. Great article.

- Fragonzal

Steve Roesler

Fragonzal, pleased to know this was helpful.

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