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Jackie Cameron

I am so glad that you have been able to show the boss the benefits - to both them and their employees - of giving feedback. My coaching clients are individuals( not organisations) and so often their frustration and the reason they are looking for coaching is that they have been unable to establish a)what is expected of them and b)if they are doing what they are doing well. In most cases they think working with a coach will help them find a new job - in many cases they work out how to raise their issues with the boss instead to enable them to stay put and work better!


I think 360 is a useful tool, but if manager's only respond to anonymous 360 feedback programs, you've got a much bigger problem on your hands.

360 Degree Feedback

I agree, 360 Degree Feedback is a great tool, but it has to be introduced carefully into the company and once it is embraced by all it will become integral to the communication process, not the only source of communication.


On the topic of 360 degree performance review, you might want to listen to the podcast of Vineet Nayar on Dan Mulhern radio show. He shared a lot of interesting unique new concepts on how they changed the performance review system for 55000 employees and its benefits. You might be interested to listen to this. http://www.vineetnayar.com/everyday-leadership-with-dan-mulhern/

Steve Roesler


You've got a bit of a bigger challenge than I. It's easier mitigating those issues when you are doing the coaching inside the organization with the principals involved. That way it's possible to bring the parties together and sort out those clarification issues.

Truth be told, even in that scenario there are clients who ultimately realize they are in the wrong place and begin to develop an exit plan. Honest discussions will shine light on the truth of the situation, so the outcome may not be what was anticipated at the outset.

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