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Dawna Jones

Your post touches on the doubts and fears that typically arise when familiar ground shifts to unfamiliar ground. And, naturally, talking about the fears disarms and dissolves them which is fabulous. The nice thing about the no time limit for the dialogue is that the layers are allowed to surface and be exposed, and along with that shared meaning, strengthening the direction and focus for how the changes get implemented. On component of personal spirit is sense of control. We ALWAYS have control over how we perceive a situation and how we respond. That is pretty powerful in times of pervasive and subliminal fear about what the future holds.


I wish we had such a discussion here at our office. Ever since people here have avoided personal issues touching on one's work. I think my bosses were probably thinking that working like a drone is something we all have to learn to do; if not, we would be better off elsewhere. But this kind of thinking, which shuns the meaning each personnel puts into his work--thus discussing his feelings and sentiments with regards to the kind of significance he identifies with them, has caused many negative emotionally charged issues resulting to messy resignations. Being the last (wo)man standing in our team, I am just trying to stay focused on developing my craft and skills and ignore the fact how my bosses leave me cold when it comes to how they value my efforts and sacrifices for the company. I love my job and I'm very passionate about what I do. In the end, though they may choose to just ignore my efforts, I would still gain the most benefit for my continuously developing abilities would remain with me long after I have decided to level up with a different company(should I decide to leave that is).

Nancy lewis

Steve, as usual, you inspire! We have many changes going on in our company; most of them handed down as "this is THE way." I'll share this post with our leadership and ask them to consider "new meanings." Awesome stuff.

Steve Roesler


Your experience is showing:-)

The fortunate part of this particular situation is that the CEO understood the dynamic and didn't set any artificial time limits on people's feelings. As a result, he came out with a "win" and so did they.

Steve Roesler


That's a tough situation that you describe. In a task/results-oriented atmosphere, those in leadership too often ignore or take for granted the personal passion and commitment that makes their organization successful.

Your approach is similar to that of someone I am working with right now (also a woman). She, too, has opted to use the scenario to further develop her abilities and probably move elsewhere when the timing is right.

I wish you all the best and appreciate you taking time to share your story.

Steve Roesler

Hi, Nancy

Glad this struck a note. If you are able to use the info with the leadership please let me know how it went.

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