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michael cardus

meaning will define the outcomes.
It is a responsibility of leadership to develop and absorptive capacity for change within the team. Facilitating and coaching the stake holders, employees, board members etc... to define the meaning of what is happening. This only comes from leaders who know the people and what lines of communication will be effective in defining meaning for them. Much as you wrote about how all work for a reason, knowing these reasons will make the change take place.
Yet this takes time, I know that.

David M. Kasprzak

Hi, Steve.

You point out an intriguing dynamic. People give up their personal time, their energies, their desires to do many other things in order to accomlish what is required of them at work. When a crisis emerges, however, they are often not rewarded, but punished. Excusing this is the mantra, "This is a business."

In no other walk of life are actions that hurt people's well-being damaged so easily, yet, when we pay that individual for their work, we somehow gain the ability to forget about him or her as a person? Rubbish.

I'm eager to read your story of transformational change. Hopefully, such thigns will become the norm.

Robyn McMaster

Steve, Galba Bright meant so much to me. I was inspired to see his words here today and I know that he would smile to see how you have extended his post.

Though you love your work you also think much of your precious wife and I can remember how concerned you were during her surgeries and recuperation. She helps bring a lot of meaning to your work from behind the scenes.

Bill George, professor at Harvard also shows that good leaders engage people in meaningful ways. It's a difference in cutting down on one's ego.

Steve Roesler


Yes, indeed, it takes time. It also takes a deliberate effort for leadership to have the kinds of discussions that allow them to understand the various "meanings" and how they can be energized for success.

Steve Roesler

David, thanks for weighing in on this one.

I think your "Rubbish" sums it up as well as anything. I continue to be baffled (but not surprised) at the ability of humans to treat other humans as widgets, then wonder why the widgets stop producing like high-performing humans.

That's what keeps us in business. . .

Steve Roesler

Hi, Robyn

I think that all of us who knew Galba continue to be touched by his wonderful spirit.

I recall when we were all with Bill at the World Business Forum last year; his book is a quick read and one that I would recommend to all.

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