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Roy Atkinson

Steve - Really good post with some pointed advice (smiles are great but must be authentic, for example). Leaders need to be persuasive, and these tips are spot on. I especially like the tip about offering choices, but fewer, rather than more. If you ask your friend, "What do you want to do tonight?" you'll likely be answered with "uuuuhhhh." If you ask, "Would you rather go to the movies, or to the comedy club?" you will likely receive an answer fairly quickly.

Thanks for the tips!

Chris Young

What a helpful post Steve! Regardless of position or industry, the power of persuasion is important to everyone's success at work.

I have featured your post in my weekly Rainmaker 'Fab Five' blog picks of the week (found here: http://www.maximizepossibility.com/employee_retention/2010/06/the-rainmaker.html) to help them improve their persuasion skills.

Be well!


Good work, i like your blog theme, and content ofcourse

Steve Roesler


This is one of those areas of life where people are always looking for "how-to" information, especially in ways that are real (as you mention).

Thanks for weighing in. . .

Steve Roesler

Chris, an honor as always. Thank you for the inclusion.

Jackie Cameron

Really good stuff here!

I totally agree with the smile comment. When I teach speaking skills one of the first things I get the students to pay attention to are smiles. I ask them to think about how they feel when someone smiles at them and then remind them to smile when speaking to their "audience" to get them onside from the start!

And just the other day a young man knocked on my door. He was clearly going to try to sell me something and I never buy anything from a cold call but I was struck by how he started with "I am working for Mr ..., your neighbour and thought I should come by and say hello and tell you what we are doing" Wow! I still did not want what he was selling but I was impressed by his ability at using what you call "social proof".

Steve Roesler

Hi Jackie

Yes, who doesn't enjoy being greeted with a smile (unless, of course, you are addressing the Community of Caledonian Curmudgeons)?

As for your young friend's expertise in social proof: that is why we see testimonials on the back cover of books. It's the back cover that puts the buying decision over the top. The equivalent of that to a speaker is being introduced by including mentions of awards, well-known clients, and other types of associated "success."


Account Deleted

Hi Steve,
this post is refreshingly different.
I had it retweeted from Ken Burgin. Amongst hundreds of other tweets from heaps of contacts, this stood out, grabbed my attention, and taught me something useful.
You've been bookmarked! :-)I'll be back tomorrow to check out some more of your site.
Thanks for sharing.

Steve Roesler

Chef, glad it was useful; that's the idea. Hope it helps you cook up something really good:-)

jesse oguntimehin

i love this post and I have already shared it on my facebook page.

This article will help me to manage my already existing customers so I'll be enjoying more referalls.

I will also use social proof by telling them who and who is using my product already. Living them with afew choice will work as well. people don't like to sort through many stuffs, it is tim consuming and nerve racking.

Thank You sir.

Steve Roesler

Jesse, pleased to know this will be useful with your customers.

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