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working girl

I love the point about tapping into 'hidden gems' of underutilized talent. Knowledge workers (at least the ones I know) tend to be multi-faceted as well as adaptable.

Mary Jo Asmus

Company managers, under the pressure of time, make a lot of assumptions sometimes. Your story about the 3 people who seeming didn't fit into the new order of things illustrates this point nicely. I think it happens in hiring, too when the hiring manager assumes that the candidate's most recent position defines them and rejects good candidates on that basis alone. Thanks for another thought-provoking post, Steve!

Harris Silverman

People tend to regard resigning, or even being let go, as more negative than it really is. As the post suggests, it's often a very positive step toward not only finding a better fit for your talents, but also a better, higher-level job. As you mature and develop your skills, you may outgrow your job and your organization, and you can end up being stuck, over time, in a situation that's beneath your talents. Moving on can be extremely positive.

Maggie@ outplacement solution

I completely agree with you, Harris. Changing jobs doesn't have to be a negative thing, and as Steve points out it's become a common thing. Changing jobs every few years is the norm, yet there is still a stigma attached to it. Job transitions are a great opportunity to evaluate your interests, career goals, and personal values--and then move onto a position that better suits you.

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