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This is a great post, Steve! I think it's also important to remember that providing support to your employees or the team you managed should not be a one time thing. This should be continuous so it does not seem that you are truly undermining the employees. Although it is much easier to want to jump in when things are going wrong or are not taking the expected path, it is just as important, in my opinion, to want to jump in and lend a hand when things are right and on track. I think this establishes you as a leader who is not only concerned with bottom line figures, but one who is also concerned with helping your employees or team members reach their highest potential. We, as leaders, have the power to bring out the best in others and one of the best ways to accomplish this is by lending your support.

Laymon A. Hicks

Steve Roesler


Thanks for weighing in.

I'm in. Bringing out the best means making what's good even better. Think about baseball: If a .200 hitter improves 10%, the average goes to .220. If a .300 hitter improves 10%: .330. Stay there and you're in the Hall of Fame.


Josh F

It really is important to go about coaching/supporting the right way. If you seem too eager to "take on" somebody's problem, often you will get just that--their problem, all of it, because it is not their responsibility anymore. Certain people will look for an opportunity to pass along their responsibility to you. However, if you are able to be supportive and welcoming without giving an opening for somebody to fully give you their problem, real results can be achieved. It is important for managers to resist their desire to be the fixers of everything.

toyin sawyerr

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