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Robyn McMaster

Steve, you make an excellent point here that so many say, "I could never be in sales." Whenever we say that we can't do something our brain picks that up and we actually diminish our ability to do it. You show three very good ways how that might happen. Thanks for your thoughtful post.


I find myself being a person that "could never be in sales" - for a reason. Most cases when I saw what i would have to sell, it was crap with no real value and mostly unneeded to "potential clients". Sorry, I'm not interested in pushing people such things, and from my perspective - most products and techniques are used for that.

William Seidman

Thanks for the interesting post. I was reflecting on how this might apply to leadership. While at times, leaders have to negotiate others' disputes, I don't think that such mediation is a primary criteria for being a leader. Similarly, I think that leaders that "sell" very often find that their team stops buying.

We have worked extensively with the recent breakthroughs in neuroscience, particularly as they apply to transformational leadership. Much of what we find to be important in leadership is contained in your idea of "promoting" (though even that term seems too "sales" to describe what we see). We definitely see the contagious effect of energy and enthusiasm on leadership.

However, you suggest that people probably can't learn this if it is not their natural style. We have good success in many corporate environments in getting people from all parts of the organization to find their personal "promoting" capability and use it to provide important leadership. Almost everyone we meet and work with can develop their ability to promote.


Thank you for focusing in the big problem : I am not gifted at persuasion.!!!!
An interesting news angle to correct that.
The measure of a life, after all, is not its duration, but its donation. - Corrie Ten Boom

What these professionals give to me ? I am working hard but I am not successful.

Steve  B

This is a great post that ties into what Robert Louis Stevenson said. "Everyone lives by selling something:leaders are always selling something - an idea, change, themselves or even their example"

Ten Boom

Persuasion is the act of getting a sentient being other than yourself to adopt a particular belief or pursue a particular action. - Ten Boom
Thank you so much for your post Steve. I learned a lot from your post. Very precise and straight to the point. I am looking forward to your next post. so, lets be persuasive?

Steve Roesler

Ten Boom

Thanks for adding to the conversation; look forward to seeing you again soon.

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