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Devon Shane

This is great! What easy, fun, actionable stuff to make people you work with smile. Love it, I am going to do some of this when I am in the office next week. I was wondering, have you considered what this kind of behavior can do to organization culture? It seems to me like an empowering way for employees to start single-handedly shifting the culture of their companies to being one of mutual help, which is healthy and can spur motivation and engagement. I think a culture of helping is imperative to the future of organizations as we face increasing complexity and shift to flatter organizational structures. What do you think?

Kerry Palmer

Great suggestions. I have found that taking notes and keeping my mouth shut for a time will help me overcome my personal bias to what someone may be saying. If I really pay attention, I am less likely to cut the person off and shut down the conversation.

Steve Roesler


What could be more helpful than being helpful?!

Steve Roesler

Hi, Kerry

You offer a valuable technique. Taking notes conveys attentiveness while giving us time to quietly sort through what's being said.

And let's face it, Kerry: The real underlying issue for all of us is developing a humble heart in order to be able to hear.

Thanks for jumping into the conversation. . .

Ron Shapiro

I think you make good points here about what can kill a conversation. The key to better conversations is better listening. Be an active listener. Focus on what the other person is saying. Make eye contact, take brief notes to help you remember significant issues and be sure not to interrupt. Repeat and confirm important points, pose candid questions, and try hypothetical questions to ease touchy subjects. If you don’t understand something, ask for clarification rather than build a deal on a misassumption. Let your customers completely finish their thoughts. If you respond in mid-paragraph, you will never know what you did not hear.


Cool....you explained in a simple way, I like to say that while a conversation is going on try to look at others also.I mean when giving a seminar or like that. Thanks for sharing :)

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