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Wally Bock

Wonderful distinction, Steve. Reminds me of my friend Jim Cathcart's advice to people facing a choice of any kind: "How would the person I want to be handle this?"

Steve Roesler

Thanks, Wally. That's a meaningful question and easy to remember.


Great advice, even for a boomer like me. Much appreciated.


Been asked about these 2 questions many times... and I have always thought they were the same. After reading this, I realized.. indeed they are different.

Now, I am reflecting on this.. "who do I want to become"

thanks again for the post.. It helps in my periodic self-evaluation...

Steve Roesler


David, isn't it actually quite a surprise when we realize we're still on a roll and it ain't over til it's over?


Steve Roesler

Hello, Kyu

Pleased to know that this helped clarify the distinctions. Keep up those periodic self-evaluations; they can make a big difference in who you become, indeed.

Susie Amundson

These are great questions, Steve. I'll be quoting you on these!

The first one points toward being more connected with our human wholeness and our work. Where the second one, speaks to a more divided life's journey.

Thanks so much.

Steve Roesler


I love being quoted. Rock it:-)

Hadn't thought about the division between the two in that way before...appreciate it.


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