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Denise Green

I love this. We call this the "What Matters" principle. Every time you praise, give corrective feedback, delegate, promote, it should honor who that person is, and what they value. Otherwise, your efforts to motivate can fall flat or worse.


Seeing people for who they really are - it sounds simple, but many leaders don't take the time to do this. Great post!

David Zinger

Good to see you keep developing and developing others Steve. Love the conclusion: You and I wouldn't build a house in the dark. We need light to see in order to build. And unless your a truffle, you need a lot of light in order to grow and use your talent to perform.

Don't ruffle the truffle.

Steve Roesler

Hi, David, & thanks for taking time to weigh in. You may have tossed out a great book title in that last line, but I would have expected nothing less.

It's nearly time for a phone conversation, eh?

Steve Roesler

Hello, Denise

I like that idea of the "What Matters" principle as well as the intentionality of "honoring." Lifting people higher--through honor--hits at the heart of humanity.

Steve Roesler


Indeed, it sounds simple on the surface, so why don't we see it in practice?

William Anderson

Good to read some bottom line insight. The character issue in the hiring process is a great place to begin when discernment is at work and as you stated, get a coach if you need help in such an important area. After all, you have to know exactly who and what you are working with in order to know the direction you want your development/coaching process to proceed in. You never know, the person you help develop may become one of our world's greatest leaders. I enjoyed the post and the reader comments.

Steve Roesler


Appreciate you taking time to weigh in and offer encouragement. The issues of character and discernment are of interest to me, given their foundational importance in organizations of every kind.

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