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Erik Karff

Love this post Steve! Just blasted it out on my company's Twitter account. We have been playing with mindmapping during creative brainstorms. I wanted to share this free tool with you and the group. It is especially of interest if your team is geographically spread out.



Steve Roesler


Thanks for the blast and the recommendation!

Readers: Have a look at Erik's suggestion for a free mind-mapping tool at http://www.mindomo.com/

Susan Doud

Steve- I love that many of these concepts give us "permission" to disconnect for a while. That's when you can really let your mind/ideas wander. As for our kids, the next generation of creators, it would be nice if they'd keep art programs in all schools. But that would be a whole new rant:)
Thanks for sharing.

Barry Wheeler

Great suggestions and a great post. I love the "permission to disconnect" portion as well.

Strangely enough, I was having this conversation with a friend and said you know, we just have to disconnect and have "me" time.

Mark McGuinness

Thanks for the shout-out Steve, and a great post.

My favourite on that list is 'Aloneness' - so true!


I think one's perception of creativity changes as they get older because creativity begins to mean something different--not just limited to, say, drawing or painting or sculpting, but in coming up with different ideas on how to do things, and it's unfortunate that not everyone has the ability to just sit back and really think outside the box.

Steve Roesler

Susan and Barry,

Isn't if fascinating how, as adults, we seem to need someone or some thing to give us that kind of permission. Makes me wonder how "driven" we might be, even those of us who would be seen as pretty "mellow."

Thanks for checking in.

Steve Roesler

HI there, Mark

Can't imagine you and your creative audience thriving without some alone time to reflect in realm of the arts. It would seem as if "alone time" would be necessary to bring about a unique creation.

Steve Roesler


Well, one's definition of creativity would hopefully expand over the course of a lifetime.

As for thinking creatively, here's my take: everyone can do it. Those who don't, actually won't. Whether it's some fear of being "wrong" or " looking foolish," something gets in the way in a business setting. Something tells me that if we followed these people home we'd discover a lot of creative thinking and problem solving going on in their personal lives. It sometimes feels as if a magical switch is turned on when the meeting room door closes; the switch shuts off the willingness and/or ability to loosen up.

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