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Steve, I like your short, snappy blogs and this is a practical 5 point list. There’s just one thing I’ll add to it – as well as doing what you say, managers and leaders must remember to step back. As well as restricting people’s ability to get on with the job, micro-managing them is inefficient. Instead of directing them each step of the way, setting a target and supporting them in getting there will enable your employees to succeed.

Steve Roesler

Hello, Aohanian

Pleased to know that you are enjoying the posts and find the list practical. We're always focused on delivering information that can be applied immediately.

Your suggestion about stepping back is a good one. I would add that the manager needs to be a good diagnostician to know how "close" or how "distant" to be with each employee, based upon the employee's ability to do the task or project. For example: If this is the first time an employee is trying to do a new task, the manager will actually need to stay close to ensure that the employee gets the proper direction to learn accurately. If the task is something at which the employee is experienced and effective, then setting a target and being available for support is surely the way to go.

Thanks for taking time to add to the discussion.


I love the concept of "mediator of meaning"... perfect.

Nathan Magnuson

Totally agree clarity is where it starts. Love #4 though. Leaders must create winning environments/experiences, which means knowing what a "win" looks like and then being proactive about delivering them.

Steve Roesler

Hi there, "Let's Grow. . ." Glad that struck a note with you!

Steve Roesler

Hello, Nathan

Indeed, when people are clear what a "win" looks like, they know "how" to go after it. One of the key learnings as a manager over the years has been that it's my job to paint a clear picture of the "what". Then, if I hired correctly, the team will use their unique capabilities on the "how."

Clayton Anderson

Great list, Steve. The first point is especially important. Today's increasingly VUCA world calls for even more skill in determining what's noise and what's critical information. Check out this short clip. Steve Reinemund, former PepsiCo CEO on distilling Complexity to Clarity.

Steve Roesler

Clayton, a big "thank you" for taking time out to comment and provide the link. Terrific leadership example.

ATW readers: Check out Clayton's link featuring Steve Reinemund, former PepsiCo CEO. He talks about distilling Complexity to Clarity and does it well.

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