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I am like this and i cannot change is a very common expression in the corporate. but at the same time they also say I did not expect this from you. I considered you to be a mature and understanding person etc...

Josh Saint Jacque

Great post! Coming from a manager's perspective I have to agree.

It's really easy to focus on strengths because it allows leaders to shirk their responsibility to do the hard and sometimes uncomfortable work of growing those we manage. It's a lot easier to say to someone, "hey, you're doing a great job on x" then it is to say, "hey, I noticed your work was poor on y and you missed the deliverable on z, let's meet so we can talk about what's going on." And then going through the work of guiding, coaching and, if needed, disciplining.



Great article. Bill Sims, Jr., who has 30 years of leadership experience, has come out with a great leadership book, "Green Beans & Ice Cream" that also covers a lot of what to do/not to do while leading. One amazing point he brings out is that positive reinforcement is one of the most powerful forces on the planet. If someone can lead by using positive enforcement, they inspire better performance in the people they are leading. So true!


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