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Very True

Robert Drescher

Hi Steve

Complexity is just a way to hide the truth or hide from the truth. Life is always far simpler than most people want it to be, you just have to learn to accept it and deal with it, when you do you will get more done, and have more fun doing it.

I was once told by a PHd in plant genetics, never use a $5.00 words when 5 cent ones can get the job done. He dealt in very complex things yet he could explain it to people with very limited educations.

The world is always full of noise you have to learn to filter 99.9% (things out of your control or those things you have no understanding of) out and act on that 0.1% you know and can actually deal with. If you get that tiny percent right most of the time you will do better than all those trying to deal with all the noise out of their control.

In university I had one prof that believed in KISS keep it simple stupid, if you give him what you knew and understood you would never fail, but if you tried giving him the B.S. you didn't know our understand you were dead in the water. Most of our reports had to be boiled down to a one page summary double spaced and in point form, that first page was half your marks, and if you could use less than half the page you got a bonus.

Keeping it simple is one of the reasons A3 forms used properly can become a very powerful tool, you don't have thw space to waste with garbage.

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