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Robert Drescher

Hi Steve

Collaboration is more than just necessary inside the business, if you cannot collaborate internally how are you ever going to successfully collaborate with your customers and the ultimate consumer. Many companies fail to understand that brand loyalty is failing in large part because consumers no longer fell the brands truly understand their needs. It takes collaborative effort to understand the true needs of consumers, so how will an organization ever get everyone that needs to understand those needs and to truly grasp them if they won't collaborate with each other. Today the consumer knows if a company has the ability to work together internally, and would you choose or trust a company whose people can't even get along.

Collaboration is the foundation upon which the marketplace truly works, in fact most times competition is a non reality. I like most consumers prefer to buy products made by companies that show they care, and much of that comes from how we see their employees act. A very much doubt that I am going to get a great customer experience from an organization that is constantly fighting internally, on the other hand you expect it from companies whose employees play well with each other. The ability to collaborate is a key sign that an organization has basic respect for people so as a consumer you know that it is more likely to repsect you as well.

Steve Roesler

Hi, Robert

Your comment is a terrific blog post unto itself.

Indeed, my focus was on the internal dynamics of collaboration; but the extension of that--and the ultimate impact--is what is experienced by the customer/consumer. It's actually easy to do an organizational diagnosis of a company just by watching and listening to employees at a branch office or retail store. They are as good a barometer as any for reflecting the company culture.

With thanks,


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