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Well said Steve, I practically see this at my place. Some are pro and some are against this policy. But I do agree, when you work closely you get better results. Great Post. Viji

peter vajda

Hi Steve,

You write: "Before you know how close to manage or how consultative to be with your people, you need to know where their willingness and ability is in relation to the task at hand. The less people know, the closer you manage. The more mature and effective they become, the less you have to direct and the more consultative you can be."

I might reword this to read:
"Before you know how close to manage or how consultative to be with your people, you first need to know yourself, i.e, your conscious willingness and ability in relation to your task at hand. The less you know yourself, the less you really know others. The more emotionally mature and effective you become, the less you choose to or need to direct, micromanage,or distrust others and the more consultative you can be, the more in "servant mode" you can be. So, how do you self-manage and self-regulate and how self-responsible are you in managing your tasks and your life at work?

Steve Roesler


The "know thyself" is certainly sage advice--and, I dare say, another of your wonderful starting points for a future post!

Providing direction is quite different from micromanaging and distrust. In this case, direction means that a manager is very clear about the task, ensures that people have--or get--the necessary skills, and provides context for commitment.

Steve Roesler

Hi, Viji,

You just reminded me of something (thank you!) about leadership and management in different cultures. As you know, I used to live and work in the Middle East. Some of the variations of Situational Leadership don't fit well because of cultural considerations.

Antra Dangar

It’s actually a important and useful piece of information. I’m satisfied that you just shared this helpful information with us.

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