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Robert Drescher

Hi Steve

Consistency, trust, respect, integrity, and values, can never be gained through words, they are revealed through actions. A great many companies today try to profess one set, but their action reveal the truth, and these same companies wonder why their performance is up and down like a yoyo. In today's world many consumers know everything about a company, and their buying decisions are rarely based upon price alone, generally you can find as good a price and quality offer from more than one company, you than use other criteria such as how they are seen to decide who will get the sale. No organization can act in a fashion that is not internally part of their make up, so their is zero value in claiming to be something you are not, in fact doing so proves you are not worth doing business with unless you are a dramatically better value.

Steve Roesler

Greetings, Robert

I think your comment is a wonderful blog post itself!

What I'm noticing more and more is your mention of price and quality being available from multiple sources. Clients who once sold on value now have to compete on price and figure out how to add to the equation through service and long-term relationships. This means that "who" they are over the long run means more than "what" they sell.

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