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Bay Jordan


A wonderful lesson here that applies in any organisation. For me this is the difference between a manager and a leader. If a manager is not developing his people he is not a leader, and in order to do that he has to build a relationship with them and coach them to become better rather than simply instruct them of the need to be better. Remember even the top sportspeople have coaches!

Steve Roesler


It's so good to *see* you again and hear your thoughts on leaders coaching.

The human condition never ceases to fascinate. When "executive coaches" first appeared on the scene, every leader had to have one. It was the thing to do and you weren't worth your salt unless you could say you had a coach. As with so many leadership trends, it ultimately became just that: the "trend du jour". We (consultant/coaches) are still spending lots of time coaching with those who are committed to their own development, but it still can be a struggle to have a leader do the same with the folks "below". (There are many reasons--including "time"--that are given for the hesitancy to coach. That's legitimate until you do the "developmental math" that shows the payoff).

Perhaps "Remember even the top sportspeople have coaches!" is the line that would nudge a hesitant leader to move forward. I like that one a lot.

Executive Careers

The sign of a good leader is the ability to develop people by identifying / acquiring talent, sharing knowledge (subject matter expertise) and building capabilities of high potential employees. A good leader will spot talent alongside coaching, mentoring and developing employees to become potential leaders of the future. This also feeds into leadership succession planning.

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