Secure Your Workplace

Security isn’t a cause and reaction thing. As an employer, you can’t afford to be complacent with security. You don’t have to wait for security breaches before you get your security measures in place. In any organization, topmost security should be an essential priority. You’ve got to be at the forefront of security control.

When there is absolute safety in the workplace, a productive work environment with happy workers follows suit. The devastating effects of low security are too gruesome for you to consider risking. Frequent security infractions in a workplace can lead to decreased employees’ outputs, clients’ loss, revenue downturn, and final collapse of the business.

Contrarily, when workers are confident of their security, then they can rest assured and pour in their best to the job, spiking productivity. Protection isn’t limited to tangible security measures alone. In this digital age, cybersecurity is as critical as anything. Here are five security measures for visible security and your digital dealings.

1. Organize a Security Team

Consider organizing a seasoned security team for effective security control and responsibilities. Examples of functions you can delegate to the security team are creating security policies, spreading awareness of the security policies, and auditing content workflows to identify critical control points and areas of vulnerability.

The security team is also responsible for the periodic training of all workers on safety protocols and policies. Consider tasking the security team to conduct regular security seminars and conferences for all your workers. Also, delegate clear powers and rights to the security team for security control. For instance, allow them to notify law enforcement agencies in case of any security breach.


2. Protect Your Workplace’s Perimeters

Protecting your workplace’s perimeter is a frontline physical security measure in ensuring top-notch security for your workplace. It involves the precise specification of your workplace’s borders and installing a form of access control to limit unauthorized access.

You can construct a fence around your workplace’s borders and then cap with a sturdy gate as an enclosure. This enclosure will prevent both men and animals from unwelcome interruption of activities in your workplace.

Likewise, ensure constant full lightning coverage inside the perimeter, and illuminate specific areas during non-working hours. You can also lighten the near-boundaries of your workplace. Consider placing video surveillance equipment like the closed-circuit televisions (CCTV) in sensitive areas to ensure strict monitoring.


3. Employ Security Guards

For effective security control, consider employing security guards responsible for the implementation of the security policies. Note that a security guard doesn’t connote a gateman. Most times, conventional security guards of many workplaces simultaneously function as gate managers leading to poor services.  Don’t do likewise. Ensure you employ professional, well-trained, and trusted security personnel to manage and implement your workplace’s security protocols.

Likewise, assign identification means like identity cards to the security guards for easy recognition in the premises. Then place them at every entry and exit, and restricted areas. You can request a weekly submission of a security report from your appointed security team leader. Depending on the proneness of your workplace’s location to armed robberies and attacks, you can consider placing arms at the control of your trained security guards.

Nonetheless, if you must do, ensure you purchase lightweight and portable firearms that allow for easy pull after the due registration process and permit. Doing so will put you on the defensive line against robbery attacks. Don’t assign keys or codes to highly-sensitive rooms to the security guards unless it’s inevitable under close supervision.


4. Create an Emergency Escape Plan

In the face of any unprecedented danger, create a safety emergency plan that will adequately take care of any contingency. For instance, it can be a safe evacuation from the workplace, which will serve as a route of escape for workers in case of jeopardy.

Make sure all your workers are all informed about your emergency plan so they can recognize their roles during an emergency period. Likewise, purchase optimum emergency and medical kits such as fire extinguishers and the first aid box. Ensure every worker knows the fundamental know-how of applying these kits during emergency periods.


5.  Protect Your Cyber-Dealings

Most workplaces often invest all of their resources in ensuring location security alone. And only a few keenly harness every possible means to protect their cyber-dealings. Cybercrimes are rapidly increasing every day, and you can’t afford to be indifferent to cybersecurity. Consider taking every step to prevent any cyber-exploitation.

You can employ a cyber expert’s service to protect and examine your digital devices for any phishing attacks, malware, and virus. Always make use of strong passwords and ensure codes to extremely-sensitive digital contents are highly confidential. Consider using firewalls to regulate your network traffic, internally and externally, and ensure all your data are safely encrypted.

Additionally, ensure you back up all your files and folders with reliable backup devices in case of any malfunctioning of your computer systems. These include the failure of the operating system and faulted hardware.



It’s pellucid that many security threats keep rising every day. Therefore, carrying out the above measures would keep you in absolute safety from any vulnerability. It’s your responsibility to protect your workers both for their good and the overall growth of your workplace.