About Us

Founder, Mission, And Vision

About the founder

Sergio A. Guerrette

Working takes most of our time, and the work environment can contribute to our physical and emotional well-being. Having experienced different workplace practices and surroundings, Sergio A. Guerrette draws his inspiration from a personal perspective to help others create a work environment that promotes personal well-being and productivity. 

Being an employee, then an employer for years, he has gathered experience in workplace management and seen it all. That’s what motivates him to share insights with other employees and corporate leaders to create ‘homely’ workplaces that not only focus on productivity but also employees’ overall health. 

Mission and vision

All the Things Workplace supports the advancement of workplace productivity, health, and well-being through insights designed to enhance shared learning, recognition, and replication. Our mission at All the Things Workplace is to help our users create a healthier and more productive working experience for employees and employers, regardless of firm size, setting, location, or situation. 

Our vision is to become the #1 resource center for All the Things Workplace and a go-to destination for employees and employers looking for industry-best management practices to enhance workplace productivity, health, and well-being.