Trainers: Six Questions To Ask Before The Session

Anyone who has followed All Things Workplace knows my motto: “Prognosis Without Diagnosis Is Malpractice.”

That holds true for training design & delivery, too. 

One of our readers, recently charged with putting together a training program, sent an email asking how to make sure her training program really hit the mark.

Here were some suggestions:

  1. Start by asking the sponsor/manager why the training is important and what participants are supposed to do differently as a result. Then, call or email the upcoming participants with these questions:
  2. What kinds of training have you already had related to this topic?
  3. What, specifically, do you need to learn to make this worthwhile?
  4. How much experience have you had in this (topical) area?
  5. What kinds of changes are happening in the workplace that affects your ability to do what you will learn?
  6. What follow-up support do you think you might need to make this work over the long-run? There are a number of other questions that come to mind but these were intended to get her started. (Please toss in yours in the Comments section; it will help her and others who are getting started with training responsibilities).

Emphasis: I don’t trust asking those questions only to the sponsor of the training. It’s not because they are deceptive, but unknowingly self-deceptive. The sponsor often has a singular viewpoint; talk to as many of the participants as possible.